Topical Sections of the Conference

TS 1: General Problems of Nonlinear Dynamics and Nonlinear Waves
Mini-Symposium "Wave Phenomena in Biological Media"
TS 2: Physics of Extreme Light and Nonlinear Processes in Plasmas
Mini-Symposium "Advanced Numerical Modeling for Laser-Plasma Interaction"
TS 3: Nonlinear Problems in Geophysics
Mini-Symposium "Nonlinear Processes in Boundary Layers"
TS 4: Nonlinear Quantum Systems and Quantum-Optical Technologies
Mini-Symposium "Nonlinear Processes in Metamaterials"
Mini-Symposium "Cooperative and Coherent Effects in Cold Gases and Condensed Matter Systems"
TS 5: Nonlinear Problems in Astrophysics